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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Imogene Jones who was born in Childress, Texas on March 01, 1934 and passed away on November 01, 2004 at the age of 70 In Pueblo, Colorado. On The Day she made her transition to Heaven, her beautiful spirit was greeted by the everloving arms of Jesus and she was given her crown and mansion  she earned and deserved. We will  forever remember her and cherish each and every memory  and moment that we had with her. She is survived  by her 8 children and 9 Grandchildren as well as numerous Great Grandchildren.  She is Proceeded in Death By James M. Jones her husband of 55 years.  May God Forever Hold her in his arms.
Tributes and Condolences
I Miss you so much   / Paula Jones (Daughter)
  I thought the one I wrote the other day went through but it looks like it didn't so I am back to try again.  I just wanted to thank you to tell you I love you and I miss you dearly these last six years but also that you would be so proud ...  Continue >>
5 Years   / Terry Jones (Son)
Mom I can't believe it has been 5 long years since I last got to talk with you. time has passed us by and yet I miss you more and more. the last 5 years have been filled with so much life experience things that I know you would be proud of and I lea...  Continue >>
Missing You   / Terry Jones (Son)
Mom, I have been thinking of you as I always do, It's hard to Imagine that Four years ago you and I were really fighting a hard battle, one that I will always think of as the most important battle we ever weathered together, at times I wonder how we...  Continue >>
the holiday's   / Terry Jones (Son)
Mom,well it is almost time for thanksgiving once again, this will be be the 4th one without you around to cook or to supervise things, and most of all to enjoy your warmth and love. it seem's so cold without you, it seems so empty and like nobody is ...  Continue >>
3 Long Years   / Terry Jones (Son)
Mom,today has marked the 3rd year that you have been gone, and it is sad for me to think of that day when you went home with God, it gets harder everyday that you are gone, and i feel so helpless and hopeless. my sadness hasn't changed, and my love f...  Continue >>
Sad Days  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
I still miss you.  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
November 1st  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
Thank you For Everything  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
1 and a half years  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
Time Goes By Slowly  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
Happy 72nd Birthday Mom  / Terry Jones (Son)    Read >>
Mama / Carolyn Horton (Daughter)    Read >>
And God Said..  / Carolyn Horton (Daughter)    Read >>
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Her legacy
The Worlds Best Mother  
Imogene married  my father James Jones On November 18th, 1948 In Childress, Texas. They were married for 55 years. She had 4 Sons Robert, Billy, Howard and Terry and 3 daughters Carolyn, Marilyn And Paula  In addition,  she also adopted a Granddaughter Desiree. She Loved her Family very much, she taught us all very well, she taught us the love of God and the ways of the Bible. she was a very classy woman who had so much love and compassion and would give her last dime to make sure that someone else had something that they needed, she firmly believed what God said about giving as she used to say, "it is better to give than to recieve"  she would  go out of her way to make someone happy, she loved life and lived it to it's fullest. she loved cooking, and garage sales and reading the word of God, her intrest were abuntant. she was the most amazing person anyone could know, she did not have any enimies, everyone loved and admired her.
Mom always went out of the way for her children because she was the most proud of them, she was very dedicated to her husband James he was the love of her life aside from her children and the Lord above.
she was a very hard working Mother, she cleaned houses for others, she worked in fields and helped her husband manage gas stations, she was not afraid of any type of work, she worked just as hard as her husband did, and raised all of her children to do the same, her values were what most people lack, honesty, Integrity and self respect and above all the ways of God. she taught her sons to be respectful men, and she taught her daughters to be respectful women.
we were truly blessed to have been loaned from God this wonderful and most beautiful precious Saint.

Imogene definatley left behind her wit, wisdom and her most loving spirit, she was and always will be the most important person in our lives .
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Imogene Jones
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